Liberty Molybdenum Project NI 43-101 Technical Report Pre-Feasibility Study – 2014

Liberty Molybdenum Project NI 43-101 Technical Report Pre-Feasibility Study – 2014

The Liberty Project, wholly owned by the Company, Gengeral Moly, Inc. (GMI) NYSEAMERICAN: GMO

The issue date of this Report is July 30, 2014.

This Technical Report presents a refinement and update of the November 2011 Liberty Pre-feasibility Study for the
Liberty Molybdenum project near Tonopah, Nevada. The property owner is General Moly, Inc. (GMI), a public
company traded in Canada and the U.S. GMI assembled a team of companies and qualified persons to complete
this work. This report adheres to the definitions and formats as prescribed by Canadian NI 43-101 and the
associated CIM definitions for best practices.

Future Mining and Processing

The 2014 Technical Report defined a Liberty open pit mine, mill with an average throughput of 26,500 tons per day and off-site toll roasting and smelting. There is potential for the Liberty material to be toll roasted at the Mt. Hope Project’s future operation, reducing costs and enhancing the Liberty Project’s economics.

This report presents a plan to develop the Liberty project to produce molybdenum sulfide and copper sulfide
concentrates. A conventional, hard rock, open pit mine will supply 26,500 st/d of ore to the sulfide concentrator. The
company will ship molybdenum concentrates to toll roasters for processing into technical grade molybdenum oxide
(TMO), and the company will ship copper concentrates to overseas copper smelters-refineries for smelting and

The Introduction and signature page summarizes the team members and their responsibilities. John
Marek of Independent Mining Consultants, Inc. (IMC) is the primary author and qualified person for this Technical