Recent Precious Metals Projects:

Open-pit Gold Project

Camino Rojo - Orla Mining Ltd. , Zacatecas, Mexico
Prepare a Mineral Resource for Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Study. Mine Planning, and Portions of an NI 43-101 Technical Report

Condor Project - Luminex Gold Corp, Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador
Determination of a Strategic Approach to Develop and Opeate the Project. Alternatives of Extraction Sequence and Production Rates

Grasberg/PTFI Mines - Freeport McMoRan Inc. , Papua, Indonesia
Ore Reserves, Mine Planning. Annual Review of the Ore Reserves. Mine to Mill Reconciliations

Soledad Mountain - Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd, California, USA
Operational On-site Engineering Support, Long Range Mine Planning, Phases, Scheduling and Dump Design

Cangrejos Project - Lumina Gold Corp, El Oro, Ecuador
Preliminary Economic Assesment, Mine Plannig and Mining Costs

Mulatos - Alamos Gold Inc./Mina de Oro Nacional, Sonora, Mexico
Assisted With Long Range Mine Planning and Reserve Definition Since Start Up in 2004

Casino - Western Copper Corp., Yukon Territory, Canada
Preliminary Economic Assesment, Mine Planning, Mine Capital and Operating Costs.

La Yaqui - Cerro Pelon - Alamos Gold Inc. , Sonora, Mexico
Mine Planning and Scheduling Assistance. Tabulated the Cerro Pelon Mine Schedule by Material Types. Confirmed the Haul Distances to the Mulatos Mine

Moss Mine - Golden Vertex Crop, Arizona, USA
Pit Definition Runs for Final Pit and Pit Sequencing, Mine Production Schedule , IMC Will Design the Final Pit and Internal Phases Showing all Ramps and Benches.

Aği Daği-Kirazli - Alamos Gold Inc., Canakkale, Turkey
Development of Resources and Reserves, Mine Planning, Capital and Operating Costs for Feasibility Study

Stibnite Gold - Midas Gold Corp. , Idaho, USA
Pre-Feasibility Study

Metates - Chesapeake Gold Corp, Durango, Mexico
Floating Cones and Economic Updates, Resource and Reserve Estimation, Mine Planning and Production Scheduling

Nickel Shäw (was Wellgreen Platinum) - Nickel Creek Platinum Corp. (was Wellgreen Platinum, Ltd.), Alaska, USA
Mine Plan, Resource Estimate, Process Testing and Process Selection with Subcontractor

Ana Paula Project - Newstrike Capital Inc. , Guerrero, Mexico
Mine Planning for Pre-Feasibility Study

El Gallo - US Gold/ McEwen Mining Inc., Sinaloa, Mexico
Mine Planning and Capital and Operating Cost Estimation for Mine Feasibility Study.

Florida Canyon - Argonaut Gold Inc. , Nevada, USA
On Site Engineering, Review of Phase Designs and Floating Cones. Reserve Review and Technical Report

Mexican Hat - GMV Minerals Inc. , Arizona, USA
Mine Planning and Mine Cost Estimation Component of a PEA

La Herradura - Fresnillo PLC, Sonora, Mexico
Mine Planning and Production Scheduling

Gold Bar - McEwen Mining Inc. , Nevada, USA
Mine Planning for Detailed Engineering, Operational Level Planning

Mineral Ridge - Titan Mining Corp, Nevada, USA
Comparison of Drilling Methods, Preliminary Resource Model Estimate

Gold Road Mine - Aura Minerals, Inc. , Arizona, USA
Convert Historic Underground Drift Data Into 3 Dimensional Geologic Information

Los Filos - Goldcorp, Inc., Guerrero, Mexico
Ore Reserve Models and Mine Planning for On-Going Operations.

Magino Project - Argonaut Gold Inc. , Ontario, Canada
Magino Dilution Study, Mine CAPEX

Amulsar Gold - Lydian International Ltd. , Vayots Dzor, Armenia
Development of Reserves, Mine Planning, Capital and Operating Costs for Feasibility Study

Altar Project - Aldebaran Resources, Inc. , San Juan, Argentina
Update of the Mineral Resource Estimate and Scoping Study for Potential Production and Infrastructure Development

Cortaderas Project - Silver Standard Resources, Inc., Jujuy, Argentina
Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) including Development of Resources and Reserves and Mine Planning

Haile Gold Mine - Romarco Minerals Inc. , South Carolina, USA
Resource Model Development, Mine Planning, Equipment Selection, Mine Capital and Operating Costs. Mine Feasibility Study.

Marigold - Silver Standard Resources, Inc., Nevada, USA
Evaluation of Strategic Production Scenarios and Mine Planning for Preferred Mining Case.

La Cigarra Project - Coeur Mining, Inc., Chihuahua, Mexico
Mining Cost Estimation, CAPEX and OPEX, Estimate Mineable Tons and Grade, Calculate Pre-Tax Cash Flow

Esperanza Project - Alamos Gold Inc., Morelos, Mexico
Mine Planning and Pre-Feasibility Study

Cieneguita - Pan American Goldfields Ltd. , Chihuahua, Mexico
Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) including Development of Resources and Reserves and Mine Design

Navidad - Pan American Silver Corp., Chubut, Argentina
Mine Planning and Mine OPEX and CAPEX for Various Pre-Feasibiltiy Studies and Feasibility Studies

Cordero - Levon Resources, Ltd., Chihuahua, Mexico
Mine Planning for Preliminary Economic Assessment Study (PEA)

Marlin Mine - Goldcorp, Inc., San Marcos, Guatemala
Audit of Client Reserve Model and Mine Planning, Capital and Operating Costs.

Tetlin Project - Royal Gold Inc., Alaska, USA
Development of Resources and Reserves

Bruner Project - Turn Key Processing Solutions, Nevada, USA
Mine OPEX and Pit Designs

San Miguel (Pirquitas Mine) - Silver Standard Resources, Inc., Jujuy, Argentina
Scoping Study and Underground Mine Planning, Development of Stope Geometries and Annual Mine Production Schedules

San Francisco - Alio Gold Inc., Sonora, Mexico
Update Resource and Reserve Estimation

SAM Gold Project and Naosi Gold Deposit - Phoenix Development Group, Alaska, USA
Review of Block Model and Comment on Material Processing Requirements

Tulkubash Gold Project - Chaarat Gold Holdings, Ltd, Chuy Region, Kyrgyzstan Republic
Mine Planning, Phase Designs, Production Schedules, Waste Storage Sequencing, Mine OP Costs

Brio Project - Argonaut Gold Inc. , Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Preliminary Reservers and Pit Outline for Riacho Dos Machados (RDM) Brio Project

Tucano Gold Mine - Beadell Resources Corp. (now Great Panther, Amapa, Brazil
Mine Planning, Computer Aided Pit Shell for Multiple Pits

Coffee Project - Newmont Goldcorp, Corp., Yukon, Canada
Grade Control Drilling Evaluation for Incorporation Into the Project Pre- Feasibility Study

Copper Flat - THEMAC Resources, New Mexico, USA
Resource Modeling, Mine Design and Dump Planning, NI 43-101 Declaration of Reserves, and Detailed Mine Planning

Turner - Albright Project - Silver Predator Corp. - Josephine Mining Corp. (Russell Mining and Minerals, Inc.), Oregon, USA
Update of Technical Report for New Owners, Historical work was: Resource Modeling, Undergorund Stope Layouts, NI 43-101 Declaration of Resources

Mogollon - Sage Associates, New Mexico, USA
Determination of Exploration Target Potential, UG Stope Layouts

Northstar/Gunnison Copper - Excelsior Mining Corp. , Arizona, USA
NI 43-101 in Association with M3 Engineering

King-King - MDC America Inc., Mindanao, Philippines
Originally for Russel Mining and Minerals, Inc. Development of Resource and Reserves, Mine Strategic Planning, Equipment and Capital Costs for a Mine Feasibility Study

Marathon Project - Stillwater Mining Co. , Ontario, Canada
Mine planning assistance

Detour Lake Mine - Detour Gold Corp., Ontario, Canada
Mining Phase Design, Ore Production Rates, Ore and Waste Road Exit Locations

La Preciosa - Coeur Mining, Inc., Durango, Mexico
Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) including Development of Resources and Reserves, Mine Planning and Production Scheduling, Cost Calculation for Final Feasibility Study